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Client Testimonies

past - present - future reading

"I got my first reading with Ellie I was a little sceptical about how a recorded reading would work when I wouldn't be present for it. However Ellie put all of my worries to rest. The amount of information that came through regarding my past really shocked me but has helped me massively. I am excited for my future since my reading. Thank you so much Ellie" 

- Claire M 

Tarot Cards _ Crystals
Assorted Crystals
Assorted Crystals

face to face reading

" Still I am sat here in shock a week later from my face to face reading with Ellie. She brought through my late Father who has lots of specific things to tell me. She helped me find healing moving on from his passing. Ellie was able to describe even his old clothes as well as the month of his passing. I can't wait to have another reading in the near future "

- Faye

Bath Accessories

" I really loved my first session of the Venus Womb Healing. I purchased the package because of struggling to conceive and carry full term. Ellie helped release some trapped feelings out of my chakras that could of been causing a blockage. She also gifted me a beautiful welcome booklet with tasks to help me on my fertility journey. I left feeling quite emotional but I slept like a baby that night & I am excited to recieve some more healing " - Amber  

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